Datumexterior is a project from 2017.

At the time I, the artist was anonymous.

The project involved hanging a Datum painting outside a commercial contemporary art gallery.

Once hung I photographed the work in location.

I would then email the chosen gallery their press release back to them.

The press release was sent edited back to front, tagged with the instagram account @datumexterior.

At @datumexterior the images of the photographed works were uploaded with the title of the painting along with a link to the gallery account.

The project was a visual attempt to communicate with a commercial art gallery through the medium of painting, social media, text and email.

The paintings were left in their location.

None remain, their current locations and existence are unknown.

The project has now ceased and is now authored.

Please click on the images below for each Datumexterior.

Datumexterior 1
Datumexterior 2
Datumexterior 3
Datumexterior 4
Datumexterior 5
Datumexterior 6
Datumexterior 7
Datumexterior 8
Datumexterior 9